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The Pakistan Army is looking for volunteers to join its ranks. There is nothing to be afraid of and it’s a very safe job. It pays well, you get free accommodation and food, and you can even get your own uniform! The only thing you need to do is show up at an induction center near your home, fill out an application form, take a medical test, get trained by a professional army officer, and then join your new unit. It’s really that simple!

 Join the Pakistani army and fight against terrorism. We are ready to provide you all the facilities that you need.

The government of Pakistan has made it mandatory for all its citizens to join the army so that they can fight against terrorism. This is a good move by the government as it will help them in defeating terrorists and saving lives of innocent people.

army jobs

 Army Jobs are available in the army recruitments. Army jobs are generally given to the candidates who have already completed their basic training, and those who have been trained in military academies.

Here are some of the army jobs:

Armoured Corpsman

Army Nurse Corpsman

Army Service Corpsman (ASC)

Army Specialist Corpsman (ASC)

Signal Systems Operator (Sapper)

Medical Laboratory Technicians/Technicians

 There are many army jobs for the people who want to serve in the army. There are many different classes of jobs in the army. When you enlist, you can choose a job that fits your interests and skills.

There are many different types of jobs in the Army, such as:

Combat engineer: These soldiers build bridges, roads, and other structures that support military operations. They also repair damaged buildings and equipment during battle.


Medics: Medics help injured soldiers get back on their feet so they can fight again. They also treat injuries sustained by other soldiers on the battlefield.

Communications specialists: Communications specialists set up communications systems for combat units so that they can communicate with each other during battles. They also provide technical support for other units in combat situations by installing new equipment or repairing damaged communications systems.

Tankers: Tankers drive tanks through thick mud and heavy gunfire to protect friendly troops from enemy attacks. Tankers must have good judgment because they are responsible for moving large vehicles through enemy territory while they are under attack themselves!

Army careers

 Army careers are challenging and exciting at the same time. The Army is one of the most challenging and rewarding career choices in the world. In fact, the Army is so rewarding, it’s not even close.

The Army offers a variety of opportunities for the right person with high standards and a desire to serve their country. The Army allows you to take part in all types of activities such as combat operations, humanitarian aid missions, disaster relief efforts and more!

There are many career paths that can lead to an active duty career with the US Army. Here are just some of them:

 The army is a career that gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. It can be a great way to make money, learn new skills and meet new people.

You can choose from different branches of the army, including artillery, engineering, infantry and signals. Your branch will affect what jobs you can do in the military and the pay you get for them.

For example, artillery officers are usually responsible for directing artillery fire at fixed targets such as enemy positions or tanks. They have good communication skills because they have to give orders to their gun crews by radio or telephone.


Engineer officers need good maths skills because they design bridges and buildings in extreme conditions and often work long hours away from home. They also need good communication skills as they often have to communicate with other engineers working on projects around the world.

Infantry officers do not usually work with heavy machinery but they do need strong leadership skills as they lead their troops into battle against insurgents or terrorists.

Military jobs

 Military jobs are a great way to make money. Military jobs offer some of the highest paying positions in the country. These jobs also provide many benefits, including health insurance and free food.

Here are the top military jobs:

Air Force – Airman

Army – Private, Specialist, and Warrant Officer

Navy – Petty Officer Third Class, Electronics Technician and Seaman Recruit

Marine Corps – Private First Class and Sergeant

 There are many different types of military jobs. Some of these jobs require you to be in the military, while others do not. In order to understand more about military jobs, it is important to understand what military jobs are and what they entail.

The first thing that you should know about military jobs is that they are generally very rewarding. Whether you are a private citizen or an officer in the armed forces, you will enjoy all the benefits and advantages of being in the military.

Military jobs are also very important for your country’s economy because they help support everything from infrastructure projects to investments in technology and equipment. The money that comes from these investments goes directly into the economy as opposed to being spent on things like personal expenses or other things that may not benefit the country at large.

Another benefit of military jobs is that they offer opportunities for advancement within the service and within other branches of government as well. This can be helpful if you want to move up in rank and experience different opportunities outside of your role as an officer or civilian employee.

 Military jobs are jobs that are related to the military, such as serving in the military, working in a military family or being a member of the military. Many people who have a military background can find work in their field after they leave the service.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that approximately 8 million American workers have military experience, including almost 2 million veterans and about 4 million spouses and children of veterans. Some of these veterans may have been employed previously in civilian occupations, but many others will start their careers after leaving active duty.

 The military is a very dynamic industry, with high turnover and a lot of new jobs to fill. This means that the job market for military personnel is always changing.

In some cases, the military will be hiring for specific positions. But you should also be aware that there are always openings for qualified candidates with skills in critical areas such as engineering and medical fields as well as in finance and accounting.

The following are some of the most common areas where you can find military jobs:


Pay ranges vary based on what type of position you’re looking to fill. When you’re looking at engineering jobs, keep in mind that they often require higher education degrees and multiple years of experience before they’ll hire someone new. The pay will depend on your level of education and experience, but it’s often higher than other careers in this field tend to pay.

Medical Careers

Medical professionals play an important role in providing care to military personnel around the world. There are many medical occupations available for military personnel, including nursing, pharmacy technician and dental assistant positions. These positions typically have higher pay than other jobs within the medical industry because they require more training and education levels than most other positions do.

army clerk

 The army clerk is a position of responsibility in the army. The army clerk is responsible for the care and maintenance of the army’s records, files, equipment and documents. He or she also has to be familiar with all the rules and regulations governing their working conditions.

 How to Become an Army Clerk

If you love the military, you might like to work for the U.S. Army. The United States Army is a branch of the United States Armed Forces and is responsible for defending the country against foreign threats. The Army also gathers intelligence, provides humanitarian support and conducts peacekeeping operations around the globe.

The U.S. Army has thousands of employees working in nearly every state and territory in the country, including many who are stationed overseas at military bases located in Germany, Japan and Korea as well as bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army has more than 300,000 soldiers on active duty at any given time, many of whom have military jobs such as clerks or cooks who need to be able to type fast and accurately while following directions verbally from their supervisors on-site at bases around the world or at headquarters in Washington D.C., Virginia or Maryland if they’re based there instead of overseas.

 The Army Clerk is a military rank in the United States Army. The rank is similar to the clerk rank of other services and is below the pay grade of E-6.

The Army Clerk is a professional rank in the United States Army. The rank is comparable to the staff sergeant and junior master sergeant ranks used by most of the other branches of the U.S. military, but differs from them in that it does not have a specific set of requirements for qualification beyond those for entry-level enlisted personnel, which are equivalent to those required for E-4 and E-5 grades respectively on the promotion list.

The current Army clerk insignia consists of three chevrons worn on both sleeves above two bars worn between them on each shoulder epaulette, with 1/8 inch gold braid above each bar. The insignia was originally approved on 28 January 1971 and published in Department of Defense Instruction Number 672, Volume 12, 28 January 1971, pp 1-2 (available online).

Pak army jobs

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Army recruitment

 Army recruitment is the recruitment of soldiers into most armies. The use of the term, which dates to the late Middle Ages, was in vogue in the United Kingdom by 1861, at which time it was also used in Australia and New Zealand. In the United States and Canada, however, it is now used to refer to all military service branches.

In various European countries, the Middle Ages saw a decrease in the size of standing armies from ca. 1 million men to ca. 100,000 men (the lowest point being reached during the Hundred Years’ War), with many more soldiers serving as mercenaries. With increased competition on land for control of territory and resources, militarily organized standing armies began to form as a means of delivering firepower to more effectively conquer territories and resources. The rise of gunpowder meant that battles could be fought with far less risk than previously thought possible; this led to a need for large numbers of foot soldiers who could deliver high volume fire from their own weapons.

 Military service is one of the most challenging things many people will ever have to do. However, it is also one of the most rewarding. When you join the military, you become part of a group of people who are willing to face life and death situations together, and sometimes that’s all it takes to make your life complete.

If you’re interested in joining the military, there’s plenty of information available on why you should join and what being a part of it means. This article will focus on what it takes to join the military and how to get started.