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Multan Jobs are available in Multan. Job seekers can apply for these jobs through online mode or offline mode. These Multan Jobs are available in all sectors like construction, finance, IT, business etc.

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latest jobs in multan.

latest jobs in multan

There are many jobs in multan and it is not difficult to find a job there. There are different industries where you can get a job in multan, but the most common among them are government sector and private sector. The government sector of multan offers many jobs for students and also for those who have completed their graduation from any university of Pakistan. There are many jobs in multan for students, which include teaching positions, research positions and administrative positions.

There are many private companies that offer good amount of money to the candidates who have completed their graduation from any university of Pakistan or any company that has an approved project by the government. The private sector of multan offers many jobs to all types of people who have passed their final exam from any university of Pakistan or from any other educational institution. There are also some companies that give employment only to those who have passed their final exams from their own educational institutions like Punjab University Lahore or Islamia College Multan etc., but this situation is changing day by day because there are so many people who want to work in private sector as well as they want to earn more money than before by doing some different work or project by themselves or with

Latest Government Jobs in Multan

 Now a days, many government jobs are available in Multan. These jobs are very attractive and helpful to the people of Multan. The college students can also get these jobs easily by passing the interview of the concerned department or organization. So, if you are interested in getting a government job then you should start preparing for the written test and physical fitness test as soon as possible.

Nowadays, there are so many different departments and organizations which provides various types of jobs to their employees but it is important that you must choose only one department/organization because this will help you to get a good position in your future career. Nowadays, most of the departments are providing courses for their employees so that they can strengthen their knowledge about their work field or job duty so that they can perform better at work and do their work properly without any mistake or mistake on behalf of employee which will cause losses for organization and also cause damages to company reputation.

In this article I will share some information about latest government jobs in Multan taken from internet sources like news papers, websites and other sources which are related to my topic but I will make sure that every information provided here is 100% correct because when

Latest Government Jobs in Multan

The government of Pakistan has announced that the application process for the post of Assistant Professor has been started. The candidates may apply for this vacancy by sending their applications on or before 30 November 2018. The total number of vacant posts is 14. For more information, read the complete article provided below:

Candidates can apply for these posts through online facility only. They may download the application form from website of the Department or they may submit their application in person at any of its regional offices located at Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta.

 Government Jobs in Multan

Government jobs are available in Multan and the number of job openings is increasing day by day. You can apply for these jobs online on the official website of the government department. The important thing to remember is that there are different types of government jobs, where you may be required to take exams and interview. Some of the important government jobs in Multan are given below:

Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) Jobs: This body was established under Sindh Public Services Commission Act 2009 for recruiting employees for all departments under Sindh Government. The board recruits candidates who have passed Matriculation or Higher Secondary Certificate Examination from any board recognized by Government of Pakistan and they will serve in various departments like Education, Health, Law Enforcement Agencies, Engineering Colleges, Small Scale Industries etc.

The last date for submission of applications is September 30th 2018 on SPSC website www.spsc.gov.pk .

Assistant Professor Posts: 14 Posts

The candidates who wish to apply for these posts must possess a masters degree in any discipline with at least 55% aggregate marks and Masters Degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Information Technology or Information Technology related disciplines with at least 55% aggregate marks or a masters degree with at least 55% aggregate marks and PhD degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Information Technology or Information Technology related disciplines from a recognized university or college with at least 55% aggregate marks without any break in between.

Age Limit: Maximum age limit for Assistant Professor is 30 years whereas maximum age limit for other categories is 40 years as per rules issued by Federal Board of

Latest private sector jobs in Multan

There are many job opportunities for the people of Multan. The government is trying to make it a business-friendly city. The government is investing in the development of Multan and its surrounding areas.

The government has started different programs to attract more people to the city and make them settle there permanently. Some of these programs include:

1)  Water supply: The water supply system is being improved by installing new pipes, valves and fittings. New connections will be made between existing networks and new ones will also be made where necessary. This work has been started in different areas on a phased basis with completion expected by September 2020.

2)  Road Network Expansion: The roads in Multan have not been updated since 1970s when Pakistan gained independence from British colonialism. The government has decided to upgrade all major roads in the city including those connecting it with other cities and towns as well as those connecting it with other provinces through national highways and motorways. Work on this project started in 2015 under which major roads were widened from two lanes to four lanes or three lanes depending upon their location, traffic volume and

 The Multan jobs market is always on the rise and it has been a great place to find a job. The three major sectors of this city are education, healthcare and IT. If you want to make your career in Multan then you can start looking for some of the best private sector jobs in Multan.

The following are some of the latest private sector jobs in Multan:

 There are many lucrative private sector jobs in Multan. The demand for such jobs has been increasing day by day, as the economy of Pakistan is growing at a rapid speed.

New jobs in Multan

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 There are many jobs in Pakistan that are very lucrative and can help you earn a lot of money. The following are some of the best jobs in Pakistan:

  1. Pharmacist: Pharmacists can earn $10,000-$15,000 per month with the right experience and training. They must have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, as well as a license from the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (PCP). They must also pass an exam administered by PCP to obtain a license.
  2. Veterinarian: Veterinarians earn $6-$12 per hour depending on their experience with large animal practice and whether or not they work at a veterinary clinic or hospital. Veterinarians need to have an associate’s degree in veterinary medicine from an accredited university, and then complete two years of internship before getting licensed by the Veterinary Council of Pakistan (VCV).
  3. Clinical psychologist: Clinical psychologists can make up to $15-20 per hour depending on their experience level, education and certification from the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Clinical psychologists also need licensure from NBCC before they can practice psychology in Pakistan