Gujranwala Jobs

Gujranwala is one of the largest cities in Pakistan. It is located in the Punjab province and has a population of over 1.6 million people. The city is also known as ‘City of Five Lakes’ as it has five lakes in its vicinity. There are many government jobs available in Gujranwala that can help you earn a decent salary without much effort on your part.

Government Jobs in Gujranwala can be found under different departments like Education, Agriculture, Health, Information Technology, etc. Each department has its own job description which includes the type of work required to be done by an applicant for that department. If you have relevant experience or qualification then you can apply for these jobs online through online application system provided by respective departments. You can also visit any office of your choice to apply for these jobs but make sure that you have all relevant documents with you before applying for them because if you do not have them then chances of being rejected from applying for these jobs are very high!!

Government sector

The government sector has a wide range of employment opportunities. Here are some of the leading jobs in the government sector:

Computer Operator/Programmer. An individual can work as a computer operator/programmer in various segments of software development, such as web programming, data processing and database development, etc.

Data Entry Operator. This job requires an individual to enter data into computer systems and databases.

Human Resource Officer. A human resource officer works in various sectors such as banking, insurance and other financial institutions. The job requires an individual to manage human resources such as recruitment, pay scales, employee benefits and other issues related to employee welfare.


Accountant/Accounting Clerk/Auditor/Tax Assistant/Tax Advisor/Tax Inspector/Finance Manager/Financial Analyst/. An accountant/accounting clerk needs to understand all aspects of accounting including payrolls and payroll taxes, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management and so on. They also need good communication skills because they have to interact with different people from different departments on a daily basis.