28dhq marit list 2022

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 Good news for bs nursing students

Directorate General of Nursing Services, Punjab

24- Ko Par Road, Lahore, Phone No. 99200965-042

Notice for Lee Ellis Admission to the Nursing (Generic) Marsala Degree Program

Reference to previous advertisement (1701-IPL) which has given B.Sc Nursing (Generic) four year degree program (for which only women are eligible) in 15 Government Colleges of Nursing in Punjab dated 15.02.2022. Was published in the news. Online web portal http // pna.punjab.gov.pk

The date of application for the above mentioned admission should be read from 16.02.2022 to 01.03.2022. Candidates who had applied for admission in the aforesaid Ball Program in May 2021 have been shortlisted and uploaded to the aforesaid web portal by shortlisting the names of Arjun’s (F.Sc (Pre-Medical) Neer 650 or more. Candidates will be admitted on the basis of merit only. Candidates will be admitted on the basis of merit only. When i need

The merit list will also be posted later.

In accordance with the advertisement given on all the above mentioned rules and regulations regarding the admission, the important instructions regarding the admission mill and the supervised heart.

Candidates have been uploaded on the web portal for information and guidance.

28dhq marit list 2022

How to use the portal for admission in nursing

1. First create your account by entering your ID card number, domicile district and matriculation number

2. If your data is present on the portal, it will give you the option to enter the password, otherwise it will send a message that your data does not exist. You cannot use the portal without data. If you have submitted the form and the data is not available then you have to go to the Lahore Director General Nursing Punjab Office and submit the application with all the proofs.


3. Your form will now be in front of you showing all your data. This will include your name, father’s name, date of birth, district and numbers.

4. Now compare your numbers with your certificate. If the numbers are incorrect, correct them. If okay, don’t make any changes.

5. Now upload your papers to the relevant place which does not exceed 500 KB in size. If any student has improved the marks but had applied old result at the time of admission, then they will upload the same result card. Also upload the front and back side of the ID card and your recent photo. Remember that if the slightest error in the data is found then the application of this student will be rejected.

6. Now prioritize your respective colleges by clicking on the Preference option above. Remember that a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 preferences can be given.

7. Now make sure you have uploaded your preferences and documents correctly. Now finally submit your application by clicking on submit button. Remember that once you click the submit button you can’t fix your data again.

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